Zoning is managed by the Lexington County Zoning Department. All of the Whitehall subdivision is zoned R-1, meaning every property is “single family residential.”

The R-1 designation also has implications for business-related activities on the property, and livestock (including chickens), traffic, noise, hazardous materials, construction debris, and more.
We need to be alert to zoning violations within Whitehall, as well as to requests for zoning changes nearby, because the zoning of adjacent properties can affect our daily lives and our property values. Both zoning violations and adjacent zoning can be a “foot in the door” for downgraded zoning of our residential R-1 properties.
Use the Contact Us page to share your zoning concerns with the Whitehall HOA. Zoning violations can be reported directly to the County for enforcement. Contact information and the complete text of the current zoning ordinance are on the Lexington County Zoning Office web pages.