All residents of Whitehall are members of the Whitehall Homeowners Association.
All members benefit from the WHOA’s efforts to strengthen our community and to ensure that Whitehall remains a great place to live.
Members whose dues are current have certain additional privileges. Read more below about the benefits of living in Whitehall and of being a Whitehall HOA member

Membership dues

Dues are per $48 per calendar year, and that covers your entire household. You can pay dues or send an optional donation in any of several ways.
To pay online with a credit or debit card
You can use your existing PayPal account, or pay as a PayPal Guest.
Fill out the member information survey. 
At the end of the survey, click the link to "Pay Dues Online." 
To pay by mail
Send the membership form with your check to the address on the form. 
To pay in person
Come to a Neighborhood meeting and pay by cash, check or credit card. 

What are the benefits of WHOA membership?
All members
All Whitehall residents --
  • Benefit from the WHOA website to get news updates about our community and to submit questions and suggestions to the WHOA.
  • May take part in WHOA meetings and special events.
  • May take part in community improvement efforts. In the past, these have included entrance gardens improvements, neighborhood appearance projects, and community action coalitions to resist zoning changes, highway construction in the neighborhood, and objectionable nearby businesses. 
  • Receive newsletters and other special mailings on issues affecting the neighborhood. 
Dues-paying members 
In addition to the benefits above, members whose annual dues are current are also eligible for other benefits, including -- 
  • May vote in WHOA elections and on other issues before the membership.
  • May participate in HOA committees (for example, committees for judging Christmas lights).
  • Are eligible for cash prizes in certain neighborhood competitions (Christmas lights, Halloween decorations, etc.).
  • May request WHOA financial support for such activities as neighborhood block parties.
If you have any questions about membership or any neighborhood interests, please Contact Us