Welcome to Whitehall
The Whitehall Homeowners Association welcomes all residents of the Whitehall subdivision in the St. Andrews / Seven Oaks area of Columbia, South Carolina. With more than 1,200 homes, we have many opportunities to join together for neighborhood enhancement, socializing, and community projects. 

We're seeking a new treasurer
The Whitehall Homeowners Association is looking for volunteers, especially those with bookkeeping experience, who would like to serve our neighborhood as board treasurer. 
Candidates must be residents of Whitehall who have the desire and background to hold this important position. Like all board posts and other roles with the WHOA, it's a non-paying position.
If you're interested or know of a resident who would be good at the job, please send a brief biography that includes your time in Whitehall. A job resume that has references and ways to contact them is an essential part of any candidacy.

To ask questions or to submit an application, click the Contact Us page. Please send your information by October 31.

Come party with us at a BBQ social for the neighborhood
Whitehall Homeowners Association will provide delicious smoked pork and barbecued chicken cooked by two of our neighbors, Ley Morris and Frank Wilson. We'll also provide tea and bottled water. We invite you to contribute either a side dish or a dessert, or to bring other non-alcoholic drinks if you like. It'll be a great Autumn Neighborhood Meeting!
It's on Sunday, November 13, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., at Seven Oaks Park's new gym. All Whitehall residents are welcome, and newcomers to the neighborhood are especially welcome.
You may choose to pay your 2023 dues ($21 per year for the household) while you're here. Enjoy socializing with your neighbors as the holiday season begins.

County Council advances the road tax proposal
Lexington County Council will ask us to vote in November on a time-limited, 1-cent sales tax increase to pay for major road improvements throughout the county.
See the News page for more information about the proposed tax.

The roads may get fixed! 
Fixing all of the roads in Whitehall is on the plan, if voters approve a new, eight-year penny sales tax in November.
Trash pickups are a harder problem. 
The trash-collection companies that contract with the county have the same problems everyone else does — hiring difficulties, and the supply chain for truck repair parts and new trucks. Plus, with our optional service, the scattered nature of pickups is inefficient. 
Pay attention to safety but don't stress out over crime. 
Statistically, crime is not a big problem in Whitehall. (Unless it's your car that was broken into.)
WHOA bylaws got their first revision in more than ten years. 
Mostly it was for good housekeeping, but also some substantive matters. 
These are a few of the take-aways from the June 20 extra neighborhood meeting. These topics and lots more details are in the meeting minutes on the Meetings page

About April and June neighborhood meetings
Click the Meetings page for minutes of the very-busy April 20 neighborhood meeting, and the June 20 special neighborhood meeting.

Are my dues paid? How do I join?
To check on your dues status, click Contact Us and ask us to look it up for you. Please be patient, it could take a few days, because the info must be checked manually, and we're all volunteers. Thanks!
To begin or renew your membership, go to the Membership page. 
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Upcoming Events
Whitehall autumn BBQ social
Sunday, November 13th, 1:00 PM -- 5:00 PM at Seven Oaks Park gymnasium
Neighborhood Autumn meeting and BBQ social for all Whitehall residents.