Welcome to Whitehall
The Whitehall Homeowners Association welcomes all residents of the Whitehall subdivision in the St. Andrews / Seven Oaks area of Columbia, South Carolina. With more than 1,200 homes, we have many opportunities to join together for neighborhood enhancement, socializing, and community projects. 

About April and June neighborhood meetings
Click the News link in the left column for minutes of the very-busy April 20 neighborhood meeting, and a note about the extra Neighborhood Meeting on June 20, to address the overflow agenda topics. 
And make note of a new resource we met at the April meeting: our new Resident Deputy Terry Davis. You can email him at TDavis@lcsd.sc.gov, or phone him at 803-785-8230. He asked us to note that these contacts are only for non-emergency requests. For an emergency, always call 911

Are my dues paid? How do I join?
To check on your dues status, click Contact Us and ask us to look it up for you. Please be patient, it could take a few days, because the info must be checked manually, and we're all volunteers. Thanks!
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Upcoming Events
Additional Neighborhood Meeting
Monday, June 20th, 6:30 PM discuss and vote on by-laws changes. 7 PM meeting at Seven Oaks Rec Center
The "overflow agenda" from the April 16 neighborhood meeting, and voting on a revision of the by-laws.