Welcome to Whitehall
The Whitehall Homeowners Association welcomes all residents of the Whitehall subdivision in the St. Andrews / Seven Oaks area of Columbia, South Carolina. With more than 1,200 homes, we have many opportunities to join together for neighborhood enhancement, socializing, and community projects. 

Christmas Lights Contest is coming up December 17
This year, the Christmas Lights competition is returning to the awards categories and judging procedures of earlier years, after 2020's disruptions. Read all about it here
Last year, the Christmas Lights competition — like everything else in our lives, it seems — was changed. All Whitehall residents were invited to join the socially-distanced “community judging committee,” and judging categories were changed. See which addresses were named the 2020 Christmas Lights winners. 

Send your ideas for neighborhood projects
The Whitehall Homeowners Association wants your ideas for projects that would improve the neighborhood. Click Contact Us to send in your project suggestions.

Are my dues paid? How do I join?
To check on your dues status, click Contact Us and ask us to look it up for you. To begin or renew your membership, go to the Membership page. 
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The Spring 2021 Newsletter is now available to download. 

Upcoming Events
Christmas Lights Judging
Friday, December 17th, 7:00 p.m.
Judging begins at 7:00 p.m. Read more here