Property, Zoning and Restrictions

The appearance of our homes and yards is important to most residents. Well-maintained properties reflect our pride in our neighborhood, and affect both the livability of the area and all residents' property values. You, our neighbors and the Whitehall Homeowners Association can address this aspect of our neighborhood in several ways.

Talk to your neighbor

Does a neighbor’s property need some work? Talk with them about it. They may have difficulties you don’t know about, and they might appreciate some neighborly assistance. If they would like to have help, but it’s more than you and others nearby can manage yourselves, click Contact us to let the WHOA know, and we will put out a call for volunteers.

Lexington County Appearance Ordinance 

This county ordinance, which is part of the larger County Zoning Ordinances, offers a formal way to address poorly-kept properties. Appearance Ordinance complaints are investigated and enforced by Lexington County; most residents respond eventually to an Appearance complaint. For those who do not, there are daily fines for non-compliance. Learn more about the Appearance Ordinance.

Lexington County Zoning

In addition to property appearance, the County Zoning Codes address other property uses such as multi-family use of properties zoned only for single family use, or commercial use of residential property. Learn more about Lexington County Zoning.

Covenants and deed restrictions 

These legally-binding documents are part of each property’s legal structure. The legal strictures vary among different areas of Whitehall, due to the large size of the subdivision and the long time period during which it was developed. Deed restrictions and covenants are enforceable in court, based on legal action brought by an affected homeowner. Learn more about the covenants and deed restrictions in place in Whitehall.

Property Appearance Home Appearance Ordinance Zoning Covenants and Deed Restrictions
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