During Covid-19 restrictions, the Whitehall Homeowners Association has suspended all regular meetings. When we are able to meet again, we will resume the schedules shown below. 
General meetings of the association are held twice a year, in the spring and fall. Dates are announced in the Association's newsletter and website, as well as in other outlets, including Facebook and NextDoor Whitehall.  General meetings are open to all residents of Whitehall. Members in-good-standing may vote on any questions before the membership. 
The Board of Directors usually meets monthly on third Thursdays. Association members who wish to address the Board should ask to be included in the meeting agenda, as meeting time is limited and often must be tightly budgeted. Members who wish to observe Board meetings are welcome to attend the public portion of the meeting. From time to time, the Board's agenda may include an executive session from which non-Board members are excused.
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Committee meetings take place at times and locations determined by the committee members. If you're interested in a particular committee activity, let us know, and we'll get you in touch with a committee representative. 

Tentative schedule of Board of Directors meetings
Board meetings are usually scheduled for the third Thursday of the month. However, meeting dates may divert from this schedule as needed. General Meetings in the spring and fall usually supersede the Board of Directors meeting for that month.

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