What's up with those new gas stations?
We were concerned about two new QT gas stations under construction nearby, at both ends of Jamil Road — at Piney Grove Road and at St. Andrews Road. WHOA president Clif LeBlanc has gotten answers that address some of those concerns. Here’s what he found out.
“Big trucks!” Nope.
Neither gas station is being built to accommodate parking by large trucks. Both are approved by the Lexington County Planning Department to be gas stations only, despite the large tracts of land they are using.
The St. Andrews site is to be subdivided, but the use of the additional area of the site has not been determined. President LeBlanc will monitor that situation as it develops and keep the WHOA board and community informed.
“More flood water!” They’ll keep it under control.
The Piney Grove site is large because QT is required to install a large retention pond.
“More traffic!” Yes, but QT is designing for efficient traffic management.
It’s projected there will be hundreds more vehicles at the gas station sites, as traffic moves in and out of the stations. The Piney Grove Road site will be busiest, with a projected 582 additional vehicle visits daily. But QT has committed to constructing a NEW, RIGHT TURN LANE from Jamil Road onto Piney Grove Road. That should help to alleviate the back-ups on Jamil.
County and state officials told President LeBlanc that QT’s plans for access in and out of both sites are designed to minimize congestion. And according to DOT’s traffic study, very little additional traffic is projected along the length of Jamil. A total of 10 additional trips are projected daily.
WHOA will keep an eye on it.
President LeBlanc is continuing to investigate, and will make a further report to the Board in January if there are concerns that have not been addressed in this report.