2021 Christmas Lights Winners
Judges have selected winners in two categories this year: Best Door, and four prize levels for Best Lights, with cash prizes at each level. 
If your household is a winner, please contact Tez English to give us your name(s) and address. 
Best Door Winner — 
567 Brookshire
Monetta Pitts
Best Light Winners are many!
First place winners for Best Lights are — 
585 Brookshire
Jim and Susie Bales-Oswalt
227 Brookshire
177 St. Andrews Road
286 Sandhurst
Second place winners for Best Lights are — 
315 Brookshire
165 Banbury
159 Banbury
Gloria Coleman
637 Shadowbrook
418 Nottingham
Al and Jennifer Carr
Third place winners for Best Lights are — 
107 Wilkshire
209 East Nottingham
101 Silvermill
Jim and Sharon Simpson
339 Harrow
Fourth place winners for Best Lights are -- 
425 Winstaire
Laura and Jeff Walker
348 Wexwood
Kathy Dhotre
353 Wexwood
Rebecca Ann, Ralph and Ruth Radcliff
554 Brookshire
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