2020 Christmas Lights Winners
The 2020 Christmas Lights competition — like everything else in our lives, it seems — has changed. Our before-2020 procedure? Filling vans with people from many households and sending them out to drive around together for a couple of hours? Well, that just didn’t seem seem like a great idea. Instead, we invited any of our neighbors to enjoy a driving tour with their "household bubble" and at the same time, join together as a socially-distanced “community judging committee.
Judges selected winners in two new categories this year: “Wow” and Super.” 
  • WOW displays were the ones that really knock your socks off — fabulous displays that also show a strong theme. Award is $50 each. 
  • SUPER displays were also outstanding. They were totally worth including on a drive-around tour. Award is $30 each.
If your household is a winner, please contact Tez English. Be sure to include your name(s) and address, and let her know if we can display your names here. 
WOW Winners are — 
227 Brookshire Drive
107 Wilkshire Drive
286 Sandhurst Road
101 Silvermill Road
SUPER Winners are — 
228 E. Nottingham Road
425 Winstaire Drive
209 E. Nottingham Road
361 Tram Road
418 Nottingham Road
637 Shadowbrook Drive
315 Brookshire Drive
175 Sandhurst Road
220 Leton Drive
150 Silvermill Road
165 Banbury Road
637 Whitcomb Drive
159 Banbury Road

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